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Studio FAQ's

What makes Greenlight different?

Top-quality acting training outside Atlanta's perimeter. Greenlight is a safe space for exploration with a diverse curriculum that spans multiple techniques, tools and approaches for actors. Our education provides a focus on actor work across all mediums: film, stage, tv, commercial, comedy and more!

What should I look for in an acting class?

The best classes place a demand on the actor. You should look for a class that pushes you not to settle for less but to be ready to work at the highest levels of the industry. We do not recommend acting classes that prioritize "marketing stunts" to keep actors interested such as agent showcases, casting director workshops, or flashy "showbiz" language (including claims to be "the only" place to get particular skills or training). Rather we encourage you to seek out classes that are committed to developing craft, inspiring artists and creating community. Acting is a life-long career, there are no short cuts and no one can promise you anything, but we are proud to say that many of our actors have found increased success, confidence and huge improvements in their skill and craft at Greenlight.

What are your qualifications?

A coaching staff that shares a combined 160+ years of experience. Our coaches have trained at acclaimed conservatories, achieved Bachelors and Masters Degrees in the areas of Theatre, Acting and the Fine Arts, have studied under some of the most celebrated acting teachers alive today. Our staff has achieved major credits as actors, writers, producers and directors in film, television, theatre and commercials. Greenlight coaches are working artists, proving that those who CAN do, also teach!

Where should I start?

If you've never acted before or consider yourself a beginner actor, we recommend a Free Placement Assessment followed by participation in our Acting 101 workshop. Actors with some or significant training or experience should also begin with the Placement Assessment to be awarded a Member Level and discover which classes or courses are best suited for you at Greenlight.

Why can't I book a class online?

If you don't see a category of classes you can book, it's probably because you have not yet completed our Placement Interview to receive your Member level. Once your interview is complete, you will receive an email informing you of the Membership Level you have been awarded, then you should be able to see any classes eligible to you in your Membership Level. If you've received your level already and are still having trouble booking, contact us at

Can I audit a class?

We do allow free audits, but only for certain classes and only once a Placement Interview has been completed to assign your Member level. Please email the studio at to request your free audit.

What are Member Levels and how do they work?

Member Levels exist to assist actors with a personalized plan for their growth. They are initially awarded based on the completion of a Placement Interview - some levels may be advanced automatically based on the completion of qualifying courses and workshops, other level advancedments may require additional assessment. Member levels at Greenlight were developed as a way to meet actors where they are as individual artists and ensure they are getting the most out of their training with courses designed with their specific needs in mind. You can find a more detailed description of our current levels HERE.

How long do I need to take classes or how many do I need to take to become a working actor?

The honest answer is... it may never happen. The industry is relative and unpredictable and whether or not you actually get paid work as an actor is dependent on many factors (several of which are totally out of your control). What we focus on is the idea that "Success is where Preparation meets Opportunity." At Greenlight, we are committed to your Preparation and work hard to find Opportunities for our actors. We believe that this art-form is a lifelong pursuit that changes and expands as you grow and learn. Artists are never done re-inventing and exploring, even after great success.

How big are your classes?

We keep our classes small by design so that actors have as much individual attention as possible. Most of our classes will range anywhere from 6-12 actors, depenind on the curriculum.

What Technique do you teach?

We do not ascribe to only one individual technique, we believe in exploring a variety of methods, techniques and tools to discover your individual brand of artistry. Our coaches have done extensive training in several techniques including Warner Loughlin, Meisner, Chubbuck, Uta Hagen, Lecoq, Classical Training, Improv, On-Camera Techniques and more!

Do you have industry showcases?

No, we do not. And here's why: We believe showcases are largely a marketing tool used to boost a studios' enrollment and are not actually able to offer a guarantee for real opportunities to actors. Focusing on selling or branding yourself before having the proper tools can harm you artistically in this business. In our classes, we are focusing on making you great so that when the right people see you, you're ready to seize whatever opportunity may come to you. That said, we do seek out avenues to grow your connections and allow industry pros to see you in the best light. Through our own coaches, staff and professional network, we've been able to offer actors the potential to submit and secure roles in professional theatrical productions, feature films, short films, commercial shoots and other work to get them seen the right way without charging to create "competition".

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